Which is the Fairest Smartphone of them All?

There has been some controversy surrounding smartphones and the materials used to manufacture them. Should a plastic handset really be considered high-end? Are glass coated devices too fragile for everyday knocks and bumps? Is moulding a phone out of metal the best way to create an attractive bit of tech?

And amongst the huge number of smartphones now on the market there are some extremely brash examples of handset design like the recently unveiled BLU Amour, which features fake Swarovski diamonds in its ‘luxury’ design.

Yet when it comes to owning the latest smartphone, do looks really come into play in our decision-making?

Call us shallow, but yes, in part looks really do matter. As well as having all the latest technology and super-fast browser speeds, we still want our mobiles to look attractive. So even though you shouldn’t judge a phone by its form factor, here are our top five aesthetically-pleasing handsets.

Nokia Lumia 925 Front Edge

5) Nokia Lumia 925

Bearing all of the hallmarks of a Lumia device, the latest offering from Nokia provides more pronounced and sharper edges than those seen on the Lumia 920, but still sits comfortably in the hand.

Manufactured using polycarbonate-coated aluminium, the body of the Lumia 925 feels slimmer than its predecessor. The sleeker form factor is also a welcome change to that of the slightly chunky, mid-range 820.

4) BlackBerry Q10

The Q10 revisits the Canadian firm’s trademark design, consisting of a small display and physical QWERTY keypad, to bring back the familiar and well-loved form factor. Choosing to be different from the super-slim appearance seen on other major flagships, the Q10 has a chunky rounded shape which sits well in the hand.

With its carbon fibre back panel and aluminium detailing, the handset’s appearance is very different to the Z10. A premium look is created by the centred steel banding and glass-weave backplate, as well as the Kevlar coating which makes the device even more durable. The rounded edges set the handset off perfectly.

3) Sony Xperia Z

The Sony flagship has a minimalist-design, almost giving it a slate-like appearance. The phone is pleasant to hold and the aluminium power button is placed well on the handset, sticking out slightly for easy use.

The downside of the Xperia Z is that the sleek chassis is also a fingerprint magnet, prone to attracting dust and dirt particles, but that said it’s such a good looking handset we’ll let it off. Well-built and sturdy, the glass front and back feel sturdy, while oozing quality.


2) Samsung Galaxy S4

There was an air of disappointment when the S4 was unveiled due to its overwhelming similarity in appearance to its predecessor, the S III. With some Samsung Galaxy S4 contracts leaning towards the more expensive end of the price spectrum, is the manufacturer’s latest offering really any different to the former flagship?

Well, yes. There is still the distinctive and recognisable design trend synonymous with Samsung, due to its polycarbonate body, but the rounded edges and slight bulge around the camera lens have been squared off. The relatively conservative design also houses a bigger screen and battery than those seen on its rivals, such as the HTC One, but Smasung has managed to pack these into a slightly smaller package for easy handling.


1) HTC One

The HTC One can only be described as a good looking smartphone. A triumph of design, combining beauty and sophistication, the aluminium backplate and smoothly curved body make for a phone which is a delight to hold.

The lack of plastic gives the device a high-end look, with the front fascia predominantly consisting of the display and BoomSound speakers. The physical buttons are kept to a minimum and are nearly flush against the bodywork, reducing any lumps and bumps on the handset’s sleek silhouette. Both practical and stylish, the HTC One has a great design overall.


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