Top 5 iPhone Apps You Probably Didn’t Know About

 Top 5 iPhone Apps You Probably Didn’t Know About

iPhone users never miss the information about useful and interesting apps for their iPhone and other Apple devices. It’s very difficult to surprise them of course, but we are ready to risk. Yes, we are sure you know all latest iPhone apps, their features and benefits. But what would you say about the most beautiful and brightest apps for your Apple device?

2012 has brought us many functional iPhone apps that could make your work with a cell phone easier and more comfortable. But a bright interface is a very important part of each application too, because very often this is the very first thing all users remember it for. A good and beautiful design can make an app not only attractive and pleasant to see, but also very comfortable to use. It’s often optimazed to make your iPhone better.

So, we recommend you to pay attention to these top 5 latest iPhone applications and download them for your own cell phone.

1. Paper for iPad

Papper for iPad

It can be used both for iPads and iPhones. This application will easily turn your cell phone into a drawing-book! Its design is magnificent, and it has nothing superfluous: all menu elements are easy to use, you can turn its pages over and draw pictures that look as well as real ones.

This app is free of charge itself, but you have to buy some additional brushes of you want.

2. Rechner


This is the most attractive iOS calculator app! Minimalistic design and a harmonious colors combination say it all. It supports a gestures quick count and looks really great!

3. Clear


This application has two developers: Impending and Realmac, and it breaks all established management standards. Instead of buttons, the program is managed solely by gestures (shifts and tweaks).

How to use it: to create a new item in the list, you need to make a move with your finger down on the screen; to edit the current item, you need to click on it, hold and move; to insert a new element between the other two, just do the pinch.

4. Fantastical


Your iPhone calendar will never be the same again! Stunning visual effects won’t leave you indifferent: choose a day of a week – and you’ll be surprised how it all works.

5. Rise Alarm Clock

Rise Alarm Clock

The most original alarm clock design you ever seen. The timing is made by a finger up or down, and the setting – by a shift to the right. Moreover, the time choice changes a background, demonstrating the circadian cycle.

Believe us, you’ll never regret trying one of them at least!


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