Top 5 iPhone Apps For Law Students

Here is a list of 5 top iPhone Apps For a Law students should have on their iPhone / iPod to get things done. 

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Top 5 iPhone Apps For Law Students

Today,  many students lucky to have the support of new technology in their studies. Doing researches and projects have become easy for most materials required were already present in the internet. Mobile devices, like laptops, tablets, and smart phones, have made information accessible anywhere and anytime. Aside from faster communications, these gadgets have indeed paved the way to modern forms of education. Such is the case with iPhones and the many applications you can download on it, which are very helpful for students, law students in particular.



iLegal Legislation
This is defined as “the law, in your pocket” and there is a good reason for that because this application contains all the updated text of the legislation. All contents are properly organized so you can easily find specific information with the use of the search tool. You can also browse the information by year or title. Once you have seen the topic you need, you have the option to copy it or send it to your friends through e-mail. This way, you can discuss various topics and share notes with your classmates even when you are not in class. These iPhone apps for law students may be a bit expensive, but definitely worth it since it is filled with the current legislation and it can be accessed offline.


Black’s Law Dictionary
With the entire legal terms students encounter in law school, it is easy to get mixed up with their definitions. Good thing there is Black’s Law Dictionary, which makes available in your hands more than 40,000 legal terms and their definitions. It also comes with an audio to provide you with the right pronunciation of words so you will not look silly mentioning them wrongly in class. This application also has to be bought, but since it is very helpful, it is worth the investment. Even lawyers have this in their iPhones.


iStudies Pro
Life in law school is very hectic, especially if you also have a job on the side. Group studies, deadlines, and exam dates make up most of your week, so you have to be organized to keep your sanity and avoid missing on important appointments. The iStudies Pro is another one of the many iPhone apps for law students that deserve to be on your phone. This is like a calendar that will help you keep track of all your schedules within your palm.


Law in a Flash
Do you remember using flash cards to study for an examination? This is exactly what Law in a Flash provides you, only that it is specifically designed for law students. You can pick certain categories to study on or do a general review. This is the perfect study aid for those dreaded exams.



Oral arguments are a common thing in law classes. It sharpens the students in preparation for becoming professional lawyers by practicing extensive research. Fastcase is a law library filled with cases and statutes that can help support your arguments or debates. It also comes free, which makes it suitable for students. With this application, you can make last minute research on certain topics even while you commute on the way to your class.


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