Top 10 Games of All time

Video games have surely changed throughout the years. From two-dimensional games with basic graphics and game play to entire 3D worlds, video games have challenged and excited players since day one. Check out this list of the top 10 games of all time and see how well you know the gaming world.

1. Super Mario World

Super Mario

Super Mario World was the stepping stone for all games to come. This fun and exciting game was known as one of the best games for boys and girls of all ages and everyone enjoyed hopping tiny Mario from platform to platform and squishing a few bad guys along the way. A classic, Super Mario World will always have a place in the heart of players.


2. Zelda: Link to the Past


If you haven’t yet discovered the enchanted legend of Zelda, then you’re surely missing out. Zelda: Link to the Past opened up the blueprints for future Zelda games, of which most would become instant hits. This adventurous game brings plenty of action of exploration alongside an enthralling storyline.


3. Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy X

Final Fantasy opened up a world of magic for many of its users. Offering a game play unseen in the past, Final Fantasy quickly became the realm for RPG and fantasy to collide and collaborate with each other for years to come. The story seems to be never-ending, and that’s exactly what players are counting on.


4. Civilization IV


Taking strategy games to an all new level, Civilization IV offers a mind-blowing game play that truly takes you through the depths of history in an exciting way. Learn the ways of the world by planning, striking, and saving your land and learn a few bouts of history while you play.


5. Bioshock


Bioshock’s magnificent game play lands it on the list of top 10 games ever created. Bioshock created a world so much further than a typical RPG, where players are capable of completely manipulating their character and story progression in multiple ways. Not to mention the frightening and exciting graphics this game has to offer.


6. World of Warcraft


No other online MMO could possibly overtake the fantasy realms found in World of Warcraft. Not only is this game a haven for gamers seeking an in-depth game play that is seemingly endless, but it also offers actions, adventures, exploration, and a magical storyline you’d never imagine.


7. Diablo II


Killing multiple evil monsters and villains until they fall to the ground with a simple click of a button; that’s what Diablo II is all about, and that’s why players love it so much. It is rather simple yet offers a fulfilling experience as you tread through caves and dungeons destroying everything in sight.


8. Portal

PortalPortal has undoubtedly been noted as one of the most enticing games of the century. With a seemingly endless game play filled with endless possibilities, one decision leads you to the next in this terrorizing, yet flawless video game.


9. Super Street Fighter IV


The structure of Super Street Fighter IV is much different than other typical player fighting games, as this particular game focuses on molding the action from character to character. By personalizing each character with specific ways in which they should be played, players have the potential of learning a variety of skills for each person and finding the character to suit their preferences.


10. Payday 2

Payday 2

Payday 2 really takes the original Payday idea and steps it up a few notches in order to create one of the best new games on the market. This first person shooter game offers a masked game play where you and your team undergo several gun battles where stealth and mechanics are a must-have.

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