Time: Apple Innovation Is Fine

  • February 14, 2014

If you are looking for more pageviews, a sure-fire way of getting it is to write an – “Apple is doom article.” Hence, it refreshing to see  of Time Tech adding some reality to the pessimism that has engulfed Apple lately.

Here are a few key highlights from Ben Taylor’s piece:

1. Performance

The Criticism

The iPhone is underpowered. While Samsung reinvents the stat sheet with each new phone, Apple makes routine updates a year later. It just can’t compete on specs anymore.

The Reality

In recent years, Apple has done some of its best innovation under the iPhone’s airbrushed hood. When consumers see a new iPhone of identical shape and size, they assume nothing’s changed. In reality, Apple’s biggest accomplishment is maintaining its lauded design while keeping pace with Samsung’s powerful, shape-shifting phones.


 Apple’s 2x leap from the iPhone 5 to 5s is particularly impressive, perhaps even more so than the all-new Touch ID.

2. Features

The Criticism

Apple hasn’t added any innovative features since 2010. Samsung adds 2,010 new features in every phone.

The Reality

This one’s partially true. Whether it’s air gestures, tilt scrolling, or companion watches that let you take secret, creepy photos, Samsung is the indisputable King of Features. Meanwhile, Apple’s biggest feature forays have seen mixed results. (Siri? So-so. Touch ID? Great when it works. FaceTime? Neat, but who actually uses it?).

3. Display

The Criticism

The Retina Display (326 pixels per inch) is now the Retro Display — Apple’s top rivals have crisper screens.

The Reality

Apple hasn’t budged from 326 pixels per inch (PPI) because it hasn’t needed to….The HTC One’s 468 PPI might sound impressive, but it comes at a cost. For an indiscernible increase in sharpness, the phone ends up wasting precious resources to power all those pixels.

4. Screen Size

The Criticism

Apple has only changed the iPhone’s screen size once. This proves the company doesn’t care about innovation.

The Reality

This is one of the most bizarre knocks on Apple. The company may indeed benefit from producing a larger iPhone, but this is a matter of business, not of innovation. 

Excellent article, be sure to read more.

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