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iPhone Concept Featuring Curved Display

Check out the latest concept of the iPhone 6 featuring a curved 5-inch display by Lewi Hussey in cooperation with ConceptsiPhone. Key features include: – 5 Inch edge to edge 7° Curved OLED Retina display – 0.5cm thin – 12 Megapixel iSight camera – More powerful processor with x2 faster GPU – NFC sensor and Bluetooth 4.1Read More
The not so reliable tech blog Digitmes is reporting that Apple ‘will‘ start production of a smartwatch device in the second quarter of 2014. I purposely emphasised the use of the word “will” is the previous sentence to highlight that this report should be taken a pinch of salt. No one knows Apple’s product roadmap outside 1 Infinite Loop HQ. The report claimed that Quanta Computer and Inventec have already been earmarked as supplier of the iWatch device. However, Wistron is believed to be in contention to become the third original equipment manufacturer (OEM), accordingRead More
iWatch Patent
According to a new report from Chinese website – Chosun, Apple smartwatch, dubbed iWatch, will reportedly come with a flexible display according to industry sources. The rumored “iWatch” will be equipped with a plastic OLED monitor that can be bent, the report said. Apple is reportedly testing three different iWatch models. These include:  a 1.3-inch, 1.4-inch and 1.5-inch prototype. “A prototype of the 1.5-inch has already been made,” the source said. In February Bloomberg reported that Apple has a team of about 100 product designers working on a wristwatch-like device that may perform some of the tasksRead More

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Is Apple’s CEO Tim Cook Serious About OLED?

Is Apple’s CEO Tim Cook Serious About OLED? Doug Ehrman, writing for Motely Fool, pointed out that Apple’s CEO Tim Cook comments on OLED display is reminiscent of his predecessor Steve Jobs’ – Thoughts on Flash. However, Ehrman believes that Apple has a lot to lose, in this scenario, if they do not adopt OLED. Doug Ehrman: [quote] Fast-forward to today, and you have to wonder if Tim Cook’s railing against OLED technology at a recent Goldman Sachs event is a little bit of history repeating itself. One of the highlight buzzes of thisRead More
Money Today – Korea based news outlet, is reporting that Samsung has no plans to launch tablet PCs equipped with OLED displays this year. Instead, the Korean electronic giant is planning to expand its tablet PC business with LCD displays. According to the report OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) not be seen in Samsung’s Tablet PC display, according to industry sources. However, the company intends to continue marketing the advantages of OLED display over LCD despite the many challenges faced currently with manufacturing OLED. Here are some of the advantages of OLED overRead More

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LG Looking to Capture TV Market With Next Gen Technology

  Samsung has been grabbing the headlines recently, however its compatriot – LG has been going about their business quietly. The Korean company is reported to be focusing on becoming the leader in the OLED TV market in the coming years. According to the Koreaittimes,  Havis Kwon- CEO of LG Electronics Home Entertainment Company had this to say at IFA 2012: LG is well on its way to capturing the top position in the global TV market by creating new momentum for profitable growth with an aggressive push in OLED TVRead More

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AMOLED Display: What Is It?

AMOLED (Active-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode) has been touted as the future of display technology . A report by the Koreaittimes highlighted that, “AMOLED is the future of the display industry highlighting its flexibility and transparency. Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2, expected to be released next month, uses a 5.5 inch flexible display. The report went on to state that, “LG Display was selected as a supervising organization for the transparent and flexible display project led by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy in South Korea. This project aims to develop a 60-inch flexible and ultra-definition display withRead More
LG is is now seriously joining the race to develop OLED display. Samsung already has a huge advantage in this department, however competition is always good for consumers. Writing for the Koreatimes Kim Yoo-chul reports, “LG Display is partnering the nation’s top university to develop next-generation displays such as organic light-emitting diode (OLED) and even bendable screens. The Korean company, competing against its biggest rival Samsung Display in the race for future displays, said in a statement that it has decided to establish the LGD-Seoul National University Cooperation Center.” Kim Yoo-chul writes, “UnderRead More