LG to develop next-generation organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display

LG is is now seriously joining the race to develop OLED display. Samsung already has a huge advantage in this department, however competition is always good for consumers. Writing for the Koreatimes Kim Yoo-chul reports, “LG Display is partnering the nation’s top university to develop next-generation displays such as organic light-emitting diode (OLED) and even bendable screens. The Korean company, competing against its biggest rival Samsung Display in the race for future displays, said in a statement that it has decided to establish the LGD-Seoul National University Cooperation Center.”

Kim Yoo-chul writes, “Under the alliance, senior LG technicians, Seoul National University (SNU) professors and undergraduate students will conduct various projects which are mostly related to developing materials and technologies for use in the displays. Since last year, the company has been running the LGenius Program, aimed at helping graduate and doctoral students financially with technology-enriched theses.”

Kim Yoo-chul reports that, “to offset stalling growth for LCDs, major display-making firms are heavily investing in OLEDs and even flexible OLED screens. OLED displays are being used in smaller digital devices like Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy smartphone and tablet line, digital cameras and camcorders. But the market is set to open as Samsung and LG, the world’s top two television makers, are ready to aggressively promote their OLED sets.”

Source: Koreatimes

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