Some Useful Free iPhone Apps

Some Useful Free iPhone Apps

With so much options available, it may be difficult for you to load up your iPhone with most essential and best free apps, either you are a longtime user or new to the ecosystem of App Store. We have managed to come up with some of the best free apps for iPhone 5 to help you. While some of the apps are quite popular, others are known very less. The good thing is you can download all these apps totally for free.



Right now, Google Chrome is the best web browser. It might not be feasible to include a third-party browser as default, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t have it on you device. The Chrome is popular among users because of its ability to sync bookmarks and open tabs between your iOS devices and computer of choice, stacked tabs, omnibox for both URLs and search, and great interface.



Most of use still love sharing and snapping photographs with Instagram though there has been some changes in the terms of service. Owned by the Facebook, Instragram lets you apply filters to existing or new images and add them up for random users and friends to see, all of which are delivered to the scrolling feed. It’s a worthy app to have if you like checking out your friends’ photographic antics.


Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone is the solution offered by the Apple for assisting iPhone users to find their stolen or lost devices. Using another iPod touch, iPad or iPhone, you can easily track the location of the lost device on a map. The Lost Mode in the iOS 6 even allows you to lock the device using a 4 digit password and send a message on the screen. Moreover, movements of the device can be tracked while pursuing.



You won’t like to use the Apple’s Notes again after you have your hands on the Evernote. It is not just slick and lets you write down your notes in an intuitive manner on the run, but also synchs each and everything you jot down to the cloud. So, you can easily have access to your content from other devices. It is a free app, but if you want to use some additional features then there is a premium account also.


Camera Awesome

The Camera Awesome will easily outrun the default one available on the iPhone with a free camera app. You can enhance your photos through varieties of presets, as well as use times, burst mode, and stabilization. In addition the photos can be shared on your social networking sites. Further image tweaking can also be done with the help of several filters available.



If you like checking Wikipedia numerous times a day to search references from podcasts or TV or random curious thoughts, then you might want to have Wikipanion on your iPhone. The search becomes incredibly easy once this app is installed on your device. It filters the content of the website to a simple native layout.

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