Security Expert: I Hacked TouchID And Still Think It’s Awesome

Security Expert: I Hacked TouchID And Still Think It’s Awesome

Look Out security expert Marc Rodgers stated in a blog post that he managed to hack Apple’s Touch ID on the iPhone 6 but still believes it’s awesome:

[su_quote] Just like its predecessor — the iPhone 5s — the iPhone 6’s TouchID sensor can be hacked. However, the sky isn’t falling. The attack requires skill, patience, and a really good copy of someone’s fingerprint — any old smudge won’t work. Furthermore, the process to turn that print into a useable copy is sufficiently complex that it’s highly unlikely to be a threat for anything other than a targeted attack by a sophisticated individual. I’ll reiterate my analogy from my last blog on TouchID: We use locks on our doors to keep criminals out not because they are perfect, but because they are both convenient and effective enough to meet most traditional threats.
The fact that Apple has tweaked the TouchID sensor a little bit means that they are working to improve things, even if those changes are primarily focused on making it easier to use. As it stands, TouchID remains an effective security control that is more than adequate for its primary purpose: unlocking your phone.[/su_quote]

Moreover, Marc Rogers believes that the Touch ID sensor in the iPhone 6 appears to be more sensitive as a result of having a higher resolution scanning part.

Personally, I found that the Touch ID on the iPhone 6 produces far less errors that the iPhone 5s.

By and large, this is great news for those looking to join Apple’s mobile payment revolution – Pay later this month.


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