Samsung to Spend US$300 Million to Build a Park in the U.S

  • February 28, 2013

Samsung Park

Samsung to Spend US$300 Million to Build a Park in the U.S

According to Tech Sina (via The Verge), Samsung is planning to spend US$300,000, 000 to build a park in U.S. city of San Jose, expanding their influence in Silicon Valley.

Yep, taking a leaf out of Apple’s book, again.


[quote] The new park is designed by the famous architectural firm NBBJ designed for Samsung’s semiconductor division. “The Los Angeles Times reported that the new park will help Samsung to enhance their creativity.

Samsung in San Jose, the new park can create at least 2500, high-income, high-skill jobs “, and the open design, almost each floor has a garden, there is also a fitness facility, said that California Governor Jerry Brown (Jerry Brown) supporting facilities, coffee shop, as well as areas of cooperation “with a total area of ​​1.1 million square feet (about 100,000 square meters).

…Samsung’s new park construction used to create white steel and transparent glass, this structure can reduce the absorption of sunlight of the building, taking full advantage of the surrounding natural light.[/quote]

First Apple….

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Then, Samsung….

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