Samsung Designer: ‘You don’t have to use the interface anymore..’


The Verge has an interesting interview with Golden Krishna, Senior Designer at Samsung Innovation Labs, at SXSW 2013.

According to the report Golden Krishna, is looking to change the way we view the user interfaces of our devices. “Our love for the digital interface is out of control,” Krishna told the Verge.

The best interface is no interface from Cooper on Vimeo.


From the Verge report:


“The best interface is no interface,” he repeated over and over at a SXSW keynote this morning. Three principles form the roots of the movement he’s pioneering, which even has a hashtag: #NoUI. In order to create better and more natural user interfaces, we must first “embrace natural processes” like the act of opening a door, and stop creating cumbersome apps to do the work for us or get in the way. “We’re creating ovens so you can watch YouTube while you bake cookies,” Krishna says.

He more specifically called out the My BMW app for iPhone, which requires an astounding thirteen steps to unlock your car door:

  1. A driver approaches her car.
  2. Takes her smartphone out of her purse.
  3. Turns her phone on.
  4. Slides to unlock her phone.
  5. Enters her passcode into her phone.
  6. Swipes through a sea of icons, trying to find the app.
  7. Taps the desired app icon.
  8. Waits for the app to load.
  9. Looks at the app, and tries to figure out (or remember) how it works.
  10. Makes a best guess about which menu item to hit to unlock doors and taps that item.
  11. Taps a button to unlock the doors.
  12. The car doors unlock.
  13. She opens her car door.

“Is this really an improvement on the car key?” he asked. A Mercedez-Benz vehicle, on the other hand, fires off a low frequency signal when you pull on the door handle, which detects the keys in your pocket and opens the door instantaneously. Once you’ve tried it, it’s obvious, like the mechanics of an automatic sliding door.


Krishna also had high praises for the Nest Thermomstat.

According to  the report:

[quote] Krishna’s third and final principle is to “create a system that adapts for individuals,” like the Nest thermostat. “The Nest is the most magical when it learns and when it thinks about us,” Krishna says. “You don’t have to use the interface anymore — it becomes part of the background,” like airbags and automatic transmissions. All of these things we take for granted, but one day long ago posed enormous technical challenges.[/quote]

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