Revolutionary Hands-free and Voice-free Eyewearable Technology Awarded to TelepathEye


A new technology that allows users to text using their eyes has been granted to TelepathEye Inc, according to a press release. I can see this technology being snapped up by Google or Apple in the near future.

According to the press release:

Patent 8,531,355, Unitized, Vision-Controlled, Wireless Eyeglass Transceiver, covers the technology for an eyewear device that projects an augmented reality menu of alphanumeric characters or symbols and detects the wearer’s eye gaze. These characters are arranged on a virtual flywheel that makes only a few visible at a time, rather than a traditional ASCII keyboard that obtrusively displays all characters in the wearer’s field of vision. The flywheel spins based on eye gaze, enabling rapid selection of characters and symbols for texting and other applications.

Patent 8,531,394, Unitized, Vision-Controlled, Wireless Eyeglasses Transceiver, is a continuation of patent 8,531,355, covering the addition of a camera for capturing still images and motion video of the wearer’s surroundings. Images, video and text are transmitted using eye gaze commands as the wearer’s eye position interacts with the device. Eyewearables are expected to be a lucrative sector and Business Insider predicts that the market for Google Glass will be $11 billion by 2018.

“TelepathEye’s IP is crucial to shift technology from sedentary to mobile,” said TelepathEye founder Greg Maltz. “As advanced as smartphones have become, they require us to speak into a transmitter and operate a keypad like a miniaturized phone and computer, invented not for mobile but for people staying in one place. The vestiges of sedentary technology are manifest in the problems, dangers and inconveniences of using handhelds while on-the-go in public.” TelepathEye is committed to a hands-free voice-free wireless experience that enables people to think a thought and transmit it without speaking or operating a keypad.

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