Regnum: Apple Suspected of Bribing Russia’s Regional Ministers of Education


According to a report from Russia-based news agent – Regnum, Apple is suspected of bribing Russia’s regional ministers of education.

The report stated that, “Apple has organized week-long seminar in the UK for the regional ministries of education and other Russian officials who are directly related to public procurement.” The officials apparently stayed at the four star Marylebone hotel, in the vicinity of Oxford Street. The program of the seminar includes visits to App Stores during non-working hours, when no customers will be present, according to the report.

According to the article:

[quote] It is noteworthy that this whole program is organized on the eve of major tenders to be held in the framework of the modernization of the federal project of general education. The budget of the Chelyabinsk region for the purpose laid almost 1 billion. The authorities plan to spend the Ulyanovsk region 401 million in cost 1.2 billion rubles modernization of education in Tatarstan: 800 million – from the federal budget and 400 million – from the local. Mari El Republic 271 million rubles will feds 14,300,000 Republic spend out of pocket. Extensive government purchases planned in the Krasnodar region – there is already allocated 1.8 billion rubles from the treasury, are willing to spend 178 million to local authorities.[/quote]

“The very situation with the departure of senior officials in London on the eve of the formation of emerging tenders raises many questions, – the leader of inter-regional trade union” Teacher ” Andrey Demidov . – But it’s clear why officials recently imposed on products of only one particular company, despite the fact that a teaching staff is great in this regard prejudice. ”

Just to add, this is all allege and Apple has not made any public comment relating to this report at the time of publication.

Source (Russian):  Regnum

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