Rafa Benitez To Use His New iPad To Give Chelsea The Edge

  • November 23, 2012
rafa benitez chelsea iPad - Globall Coach

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Rafa Benitez  revealed what he has been working on after leaving football management a few years back. The  former Liverpool manager, ” has designed his own training and tactics software for the iPad that will help him in his new job – and many other managers and coaches around the world,” according to a PockLint report.

The is App is called Globall Coach. Benitez is quoted as saying, Globall Coach is not an app, it’s a piece of technology.

According to report:

[quote] Although a cut-down version of the training tool is available on iTunes – as Globall Coach Lite – the expanded edition is an incredibly powerful way to help with training schedules, record match statistics and illustrate to players – professional or otherwise – the patterns and tactics managers and coaches want them to utilise. It brings traditional methods bang up to date, using the iPad as a tool to help improve a club’s training and match analysis behind the scenes, and potentially on the field.[/quote]


Creating An Animation from Globall Coach on Vimeo.


In an interview with Pocket Lint, Benitez stated, “The other thing is that I have been at a lot of top sides and they have a lot of foreign players, sometimes it’s difficult to communicate. Liverpool had 14 nationalities. And, at other teams, I’ve seen a translator on the pitch explaining the exercises during the training sessions. With this you can show them the exercises yourself.”

Globall Coach Lite is available on iPad to download now from iTunes for £4.99. The Premier version of Globall Coach, with much more control for professionals in the football business costs £50, and the Elite version for multiple coach set-ups costs £300.

Sources:Globall CoachPockLint

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