Patent Applications Filed By Apple – January 3, 2013

 Apple Patent - Notification US 20130007665


Two noteworthy patent applications filed by Apple and published by the USPTO on January 3, 2013. These include patent applications for Apple’s iOS  notification centre and another for their Macbook Air PC.

US 20130007665


Here is one to get the Android Army going. After constantly ranting that Apple has stolen Google’s Android notification center, Apple has only went and submit an patent application of the said – patent.

Systems and methods are disclosed for displaying notifications received from multiple applications. In some embodiments, an electronic device can monitor notifications that are received from the multiple applications. Responsive to receiving the notifications, the electronic device can control the manner in which the notifications are displayed while the device is operating in a locked or an unlocked state. In some embodiments, the electronic device can allow users to customize how notifications are to be displayed while the device is in the locked and/or unlocked states.


Apple patent App. US 20130003280 Fig 1


US 20130003280


Apple is hoping to get a stranglehold of the Ultra Book market with this patent a Macbook Air computer. A lot of PC vendors will be hoping this one is not granted.

A portable computing device includes at least a base portion of a lightweight material that includes at least a wedge shaped top case having a trough formed at an interfacing edge thereof. The trough includes a raised portion having a first contact surface and a receiving area, and a bottom case coupled to the top case to form a complete housing for at least a portion of the portable computing device for enclosing at least a plurality of operational components and a plurality of structural components. The portable computing device also includes at least a lid portion pivotally connected to the base portion by a hinge assembly. In the described embodiments, the lid portion has a display in communication with one or more of the plurality of components in the base portion by way of or more electrical conductors that electrically connect the base portion to the lid portion.


Source: USPTO

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