OPA: 70% of iPhone owners have bought apps, compared to 34% on Android in the past year


This is a very interested study undertaken by  OPA , it clearly highligths how addicted we are becoming to our smartphones. The survey also illustrates how much iPhone and Android smartphone users spend on content for their phones.

Highlights from the study include:

  • Smartphone usage is rising rapidly; 44% of the U.S. internet population, ages 8-64, owns a smartphone, up from 31% in 2011 and projected to rise to 57% by early 2013.
  • Over two-thirds of smartphone users “cannot live without” their smartphone.
  • Content consumption continues to dominate smartphone usage; 93% of smartphone users access content & information regularly, and half access content at least daily.
  • Smartphone users are paying for content; 24% have purchased any smartphone content in the past year.
  • Smartphone content buyers are more positive about smartphone ads and are more likely to take action after seeing a smartphone advertisement.

The survey also had some interesting facts in terms of Monetization of the iPhone and Androids Smartphones:

  • 24% of smartphone users have purchased any sort of content. 14% of smartphone apps downloaded by those reporting last year were paid apps.
  • 70% of iPhone content consumers have bought apps in the past year, compared to 34% of those on Android; iPhone content consumers also spend more on apps than those using Android.
  • Content buyers perceive smartphone advertising more favorably than smartphone content consumers as a whole and are more likely to take action after seeing smartphone ads.
  • iPhone content consumers perceive smartphone advertising more favorably than those on Android and are more likely to take action after seeing smartphone ads.

A full document below:

MMF-OPA — Portrait of Smartphone User — Aug12 (Public)


Source: OPA 

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