New Purported Images of The iPhone 6 Front Panel; ‘Foxbots’ To Produce iPhone

Last week we posted two reports of the purported front panel of the  iPhone 6 front here and here. Today, NowhereElse has managed to get their own samples of the alleged iPhone 6 front panels. These new images are strikely similar to the ones posted before, which suggests that we might be looking at the real deal.

Apple is widely reported to unveil the next generation iPhone in Septembers. Rumors suggest that there will be two versions – a 4.7-inch iPhone and 5.5-inch iPhone.






In other news, Chinese website ITHome (via 9to5 mac)  is reporting that prominent manufacturer of Apple devices – Foxconn is about to use robots call ‘Foxbot’ to manufacture electronic devices. According to the report, Foxconn CEO told share holders that Apple will be their fist customer to benefit from the new manufacturing process.

From the report:

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At the annual shareholders’ meeting on Hon Hai Group’s CEO Terry Gou imply its subsidiary Foxconn robot factory has entered the final testing stage. He implicitly expressed robot factory once operational, Apple will be the first company to use this service….If this project is completed, then you do not need to use Foxconn workers to assemble the device, each robot can be responsible for an average of 30,000 devices. Gou said the robot named “Foxbots”, and said they would not sell these robots, because they themselves had not enough.

Foxconn said to this end has been prepared to deploy 10,000 Foxbots at least a Foxconn factory, and each robot will cost 20,000 to 25,000 U.S. dollars.[/su_quote]

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