New Nexus 7 (2013) Now has Touch Screen Problems With Video

Nexus 7 2013

In addition to the problems with the GPS, users /owners of Google’s latest offering is reporting that their device is experiencing issues with the touch screen. Owners have taken to Google’s Product Forum to express their fustration.

According to one owner, the Nexus 7 (2013) is not registering touch input properly and this has gotten progressively worse over time. Another owner stated that he/she was having multi-touch issues (pinching to zoom in apps like Maps, etc) too. Furthermore, using some touchscreen test apps result in “ghost” touches appearing randomly.

Jason L started off the topic with this post:

I picked up my new N7 on Friday. At first the keyboard seemed okay, though it would occasionally register double presses on the keyboard.  Now it has gotten progressively worse and the keyboard getting very erratic.  It is frequently registering double taps, and often ghost taps in areas not anywhere near where I’m touching on the keyboard.  It’s almost to the point where it is unusable.
Is this a hardware issue and should I try and exchange it, or is this a firmware issue that is known and will be fixed?]

He was quickly joined by other members expressing concerns about the same issue.

One owner sums it up by saying, “I am starting to hate this new N7. The keyboard is so screwy that I can’t stand writing emails on it.”

User on XDA Developers forum are also complaining about the issue.

Here is a video:

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