New Headphones Brand Replicates the “Beats” Popularity with a Little Twist

New Headphones Brand Replicates the “Beats” Popularity with a Little Twist:  A new manufacturer of headphones decided to cash in on the popularity of Beats by Dr. Dre with a funny typo: Beets.

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New headphones brand replicates the “Beats” popularity with a little twist

In most developed countries, Beats by Dr. Dre headphones definitely have a high popularity as a high-end, fashionable brand. The marketing strategy used around this product is pretty famous, using different celebrities in video clips and movies to show the brand. Amongst the names of artists that endorsed the different product lines, we have seen Lil’ Wayne, David Guetta, Justing Bieber as well as Lebron James and Nick Minaj.

However, as reported recently by Mashable, a new manufacturer of headphones decided to cash in on the popularity of Beats by Dr. Dre with a funny typo: Beets.

What is the brand about?

Beets, even though very similar in name, is aiming for a very different price tag than its competitor. For a very small price of 25$, you can get a pair of these new headphones. Even though the quality might not exactly be the same, the design sported by the brand is very similar, which could be very interesting for people who like the looks but not the expensive price of the original models.

Its slogan, “Unique design, ridiculously nutritious”, hints at a very special cause that the company decided to support. In fact, for every pair sold by the company, a can of beets will be given to an organization name Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County.

Are there any litigation issues that could arise?

The following question will of course not worry the consumer themselves, but the similarity between the two products (even though aimed as a joke) could seriously put the company in trouble if Beats Electronics decided that the abuse of its name should not be tolerated. Since intellectual property laws in the United States are pretty solid, and since the former company is owned by pretty rich shareholders, with HTC holding 25% of Beats Electronics’ shares, a litigation conflict could definitely arise. The intellectual property fights that are currently all over the place in the mobile industry give a good hint about the good will of these particular companies!

Since the product was initially launched as an April’s fool product, it is somewhat normal that no action was taken so far against OrigAudio, the company behind Beets. We’ll have to see in a few weeks if time changed the situation. At least, it is currently not the only product of the company’s portfolio: it currently has many other customizable audio products that make the bulk of its revenue (and will help to pay lawyers).


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