MindMeld: Voice and Video Calling App that Understands Conversations in Real-Time

  • September 12, 2012


Expect Labs Unveils MindMeld iPad App

 Expect Labs, a technology startup based in San Francisco unveiled MindMeld. MindMeld is a group voice and video calling app for the iPad. The can analyze and understand your conversations in real-time in order to anticipate information you may need as you talk.
According to PRNewswire report, “MindMeld proactively finds and displays relevant information during your conversations so that you can quickly jog your memory, share important facts on the fly and brainstorm more effectively.”

CEO and co-founder Timothy Tuttle of MindMeld had this to say:


In just a few years, computing devices will be everywhere: in your hand, on the table in front of you, on the wall next to you and even in your glasses. In this world, the way you find information changes fundamentally. Today, you run a search, get a result and are done. Tomorrow, our computing devices will pay attention continuously, anticipate what information might be relevant, and be ready at a moment’s notice to give you the exact information you need. Expect Labs is building a new class of technology which is designed to enable this future.


According to the report MindMeld is in closed beta, but is expected to be available for download in October as a first-of-its-kind voice calling app for the iPad.

MindMeld Only Available on iOS at Launch

According to the website:


Our first release of MindMeld, available in the fall of 2012, supports high-quality, group voice calling on the iPad. Later this year, MindMeld will support high-quality, group video calling as well. In the near future, we expect to release versions of MindMeld for additional devices and platforms including Android.

MindMeld is powered by a unique technology platform that merges high-quality, real-time communication with state-of-the-art language analysis and information retrieval. We believe that this technology platform can serve as a useful foundation upon which to build a wide range of intelligent applications centered around real-time conversations. With this purpose in mind, we expect to open this platform to the developer community in the coming months.


Sources: Expect LabsPRNewswire

Image: Expect Labs

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