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LG Windows 8 PC


With the Windows 8 launch just around the corner lots of companies are showing of their latest offerings. Today LG has joined the bandwagon and unveil new Windows 8 devices.

The list include the H160- a laptop and tablet combo. The H160 features:

  • The LG H160 has an 11.6-inch touchscreen and runs Windows 8 on a sliding/tilting form-factor.
  • A QWERTY keyboard revealed when the display is pushed up with LG’s new “Auto-Sliding” mechanism.
  • A 15.9 mm (㎜) thin profile, weighs 1.05kg and include a long-term use of external lithium-polymer battery.
  • A LCD IPS panel with 178-degree viewing angles.
  • Connectivity includes USB, an HDMI port, microSD card.

The LG V325, that’s a 23-inch Full HD All in One PC include:

  • 10-finger multitouch and a digital TV tuner, allowing for standalone TV viewing without having to boot into Windows 8.
  • A remote control.
  • An Intel Core i5 processor, NVIDIA GeForce GT640M graphics, and support for 3D.
  • The V325 can boot up in half the time of its Windows 7 predecessors.


Press Release (via Google Translate)


LG Electronics, Microsoft (hereafter MS), Inc., the next-generation operating system (OS) Windows 8 (Windows 8) to optimize the new PC lineup, opened at stake.

Touch-screen-based all-in-one PC laptop and tablet PC that combines taepbuk ‘H160’ and ‘V325’ model comes from the 26th domestic market.

◆ laptop and tablet combined, a new concept taepbuk ‘H160’

‘H160’ 11.6-inch size office documents written and media content creation and optimization, of course, the laptop is suitable for consumption content, a variety of Internet search, MS Store App and running until the characteristics of the tablet PC, here’s a new concept that combines taepbuk. ” Taepbuk products means that with all the advantages of a tablet and a laptop.

LG Electronics notebook and tablet in a single product, portability and ease-of-use dramatically improves the market to grow significantly, and is expected to implement. ‘H160’ after release to showcase a variety of follow-on product, products, new categories ‘taepbuk’ actively support the strategy is.

‘H160’, such as the Internet with the touch screen is used to ‘auto sliding side (Auto-Sliding)’ button is pressed, the screen at an angle rises exposure, as typing the laptop and the keyboard can be

Despite the built-in keyboard, a thin light weight and 15.9 mm (㎜) of 1.05 kilograms (kg) of product implementation. Ultralight adapter 120 grams (g) of the adopted, considering the long-term use of external lithium-polymer battery for up to 10 hours of use by applying maximum portability.

Keyboard integration removable tablet, unlike other keyboard, anywhere, anytime using keyboard and LCD touch, smart touch pen can be more sophisticated.

LG own IPS (In-Plane Switching) technology to implement the exact natural product screen from any angle, and a wide viewing angle of 178 degrees pan and tilt to provide crisp, clear picture.

Also offers compatibility with peripheral devices. Supports a standard USB jack, USB memory, a wireless mouse, etc. are easily available. Is mounted, large-screen TV to watch high-definition video via HDMI terminal. Also add a storage device, micro SD card slot, you can expand.

Including a dedicated pouch 110 Price Ranges.

◆ ten-finger multi-touch product-one PC ‘V325’

Trinity (三位一体) for PC, TV and monitor functions achieved rapidly growing in-one PC market to strengthen LG Electronics ‘V325’ is released.

Support up to 10 finger simultaneous touch optimized Windows 8 OS, you can use a variety of touch-based applications (apps) that this product is the best feature.

Existing 23-inch screen size, stylish design with a blend of black and white, the ‘V325’ boot PC equipped with a stand-alone TV tuner without a separate power button can turn off the TV, turn on, and LG Electronics General TV remote control is also available. Of course, is possible through the use of PC, watch TV PIP (Picture In Picture) function.

‘V325′ with improved multitasking performance third-generation Core i5 processor. Strong stereoscopic 3D GeForce (GeForce) GT640M graphics card is not enough to enjoy the built-in, recent popular 3D game.

Prices are based on the specifications of 210 150 manwon crowded (attach detailed specifications)

◆ next-generation operating system Windows 8 OS

Both products in the same specification-based products, the latest Windows 8 OS compared to existing Windows 7 OS boot speed about two times faster was Intuitive startup screen optimized for touch and touch response speed was faster smartphones like

MS 社 through the App Store and you can download a variety of apps, including games, entertainment, and education, as soon as you click a square icon ’tile’ can be executed.

Previous General PC desktop screen switching is possible. General PC programs such as Office (Office) In this screen, the keyboard, using the mouse as it is available.

LG Electronics Business Unit Manager IT Business Division HE Jungjoon Lee, vice president of the Windows 8 OS’s innovative user interface (UI) of the two products to truly be able to enjoy the next generation of PC “” leading domestic PC market will continue to showcase innovative products , “he said.

Meanwhile, LG Electronics, from October 26 Ultrabook ‘Z355’, ‘Z460’ model, including laptops, desktop model with Windows 8 OS to be released. In addition, it plans to launch a new family of 23-inch Touch Monitor for normal desktop users ‘ET83’ various Windows 8 OS.



Source: LG

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