Apple vs Samsung: Japanese Court Rejects Samsung Claims Against Apple

Apple vs Samsung

A Japanese court had thrown out two of Samsung’s claims of patent infringement against Apple. Samsung had brought three claims of patent infringement against the iPhone 4S in Japan over a year ago. Consequently, this ruling has left Samsung hoping for a good result on the third patent.

Apple has already had their claims of patent infringement against Samsung dismissed by the same court in August of this year. The patent was related to multimedia synchronization, Apple has appealed this ruling.

This dismissal clearly shows that Apple has the upper-hand over Samsung in their ‘patent war’.

This is what FossPatent had to say on the matter:


The total worldwide score clearly shows that Apple is on the winning track. Outside of Korea, all that Samsung has won offensively is a case in the Netherlands where it didn’t prevail on by far and away the most important question — injunctive relief — but will have to content itself with a small amount of damages and future royalties. Samsung’s problem is not that there were two non-wins in Japan. Samsung’s problem is that Apple has won a variety of rulings (even if none of them had or has the potential to force Samsung out of a major market) while Samsung hasn’t won anything meaningful outside of Korea, and nothing anywhere in the world over a non-standard-essential patent. In its desperation it’s even suing Apple over a smiley input patent in Germany, a lawsuit that won’t have any impact on Apple’s business even if Samsung wins, which is doubtful. Samsung can afford many non-wins, but if pretty much all of its assertions outside of Korea are non-wins, it’s going to lose the war, even if it may take Apple more time to have serious leverage. It has to enforce some reasonably powerful non-standard-essential patents at some point.


Samsung needs to get a more favourable ruling or face paying huge royalties.
Sources: FossPatent

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