iWatch To Have Male Model With 1.66-inch Display And Female Model With 1.33-inch, Report Says

LEDinside latest study – 2014 Global Sapphire Market Report,  suggests that Apple’s rumored iWatch will be released in late 2014 will be using sapphire watch covers. The use of sapphire in the iWatch is expected to account for for six percent of global sapphire market demand, the LEDinside study states.

“If iWatch sales reach the market’s optimistic forecast of 60 million in 2015, it will make up 27 percent of sapphire usage volume. Overall sapphire market consumption will double in 2015 to reach 129%,” according to the report.

Sapphire is hard and scratch resistant, and has been used as watch covers in traditional luxury watches for many years, which is one of the reasons Apple is expected to use the material. Additionally, LEDinside predicts that the first Apple iWatch will come in men and women models, and completely use sapphire watch covers. The male iWatch version display will be 1.66-inch, while the female model is 1.33-inch, the report says.

LEDinside is a subsidiary of TrendForce and offers research information on LED (light-emitting diode).

Graph 1: Sapphire market demand percentage analysis. (LEDinside)

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