Hidden Icons In iOS 8 Suggest Apple Is Bringing More Features To Maps And Split-Screen To iPad

9to5 mac (via Hamza) has discovered new icons inside Apple’s Maps application indicating that the company is working a new feature to help users find their parked cars.

9to5 mac previously  reported that Apple plans to upgrade the database for iOS Maps with enhanced data, such as “new points of interests, new labels to make places such as airports, parks, train stations, bus stops, highways, and freeways easier to find.” The report also mentioned the addition of public transit directions which will allow users to use an iPhone to travel from one destination to another via public transportation. However, Apple failed to unveil these updates to Maps at WWDC14. A new report from TechCrrunch suggest that internal politics and lack of organization is to be blamed.

icons“Many developers left the company, no map improvements planned for iOS 8 release were finished in time. Mostly it was failure of project managers and engineering project managers, tasks were very badly planned, developers had to switch multiple times from project to project,” a source told TechCrunch.

In other news, codes found in iOS 8 reveals that Apple is working on bringing “split-screen” multitasking functionality to the iPad. This feature will allow users to view two apps at time. The feature was first uncovered by Developer Steven Troughton-Smith.


Image Credit: 9to5mac

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