iPhone 6 Front Panel Undergoes Dreaded Sandpaper Test And Lightning Port of iPhone 6 Leaked

Over a week ago, Marques Brownlee released an iPhone 6  torture test video where he tried scratching the display of the purported iPhone 6 display with a knife and key with no success. In a new video, Marques Brownlee got more technical and explains exactly the knife and key were ineffective and used two different types of sandpaper to scratch the display.

According to Brownlee, the Mohs scale of mineral hardness rates mineral hardness from 1-10. The iPhone 5s’ Gorilla Glass display is rated at 6.8 and the iPhone 5s Touch ID home button rated at 9. The two sandpapers Brownlee used to scratch the glass display were rated at a 7 and 8 on the Mohs scale. This suggests that the display is not entirely compose of sapphire as is the case of the Touch ID cover, which survived the test. Brownlee linked to a patent from Apple which hints at a sapphire laminate used on glass display that might be at play here.

In other news, AppleInsider (via MacX forum) has published an alleged photo of the flex cable heading to the iPhone 6. To the untrained eye there seems to be little difference between this and previous cable. However, AppleInsider pointed out that:

  • The rear side of the cable appears to have additional grounding plates, circuitry and an oval hole cut out just above the Lightning connector.
  • The headphone jack is also larger than those found in current model iPhones.
  • A small Apple logo can just be made out next to the Lightning port, along with what appears to be a part number.


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