iOS Apps: New and Free iOS Apps Vol. 5 [iTunes/AppStore]

iOS App


This is a list of some of the latest releases and free iOS Apps on the AppStore and iTunes. Be sure to check TheTechStorm everyday.


Bluetooth Files/Photos/Contacts Share & Talk Messenger – Phoenix Mobile

Bluetooth Files/Photos/Contacts Share & Talk Messengerartwork

Phoenix Mobile


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Bluetooth Share: v2.0

Bluetooth share tool, you can transmit images,musics,and other files on iPhone,iPod Touch, iPad. and send them to your friends. 

-Send documents to you iPhone with itunes 
-Share and send documents through Bluetooth with -iPhone,iTouch,iPad. 
-Share and send microsoft documents,Text documents,music files,images (.jpg,.bmp,.gif,.png) 
-Share contacts 
-Send Voice

Release Date: August 28, 2012 © Phoenix Mobile




Canon EOS 5D Mark III 超級單反天書 – Pop Art Group Ltd.

Canon EOS 5D Mark III 超級單反天書artwork   Pop Art Group Ltd.
   Genre: Photo & Video


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Canon EOS 5D mark III 單反天書

Release Date: August 28, 2012 © Pop Art Group Ltd.




Camera Amazing Free – Mind Blowing

Camera Amazing Freeartwork   Mind Blowing

   Genre: Photo & Video

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Camera Amazing is a fun app that lets you view just the edges in the world around you artistically using your iPhone’s camera, live in video. Just point the camera at something and see the world like you’ve never before. Mesmerizing to look at and show others, and is endless hours of fun. Kids will love it too.


Release Date: August 28, 2012 © Mind Blowing Apps




Blaze-XBMC Remote Control – Blaze Automation Services (P) Ltd.

Blaze-XBMC Remote Controlartwork

Blaze-XBMC Remote Control

 Genre: Entertainment

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Blaze – XBMC Remote Control is a remote control app for XBMC, allowing you to browse and play your media files over a local network using your wifi connection. It’s remote control interface on the Ipad gives you the next level of exploration through a single touch. To control your music, XBMC Remote Control for iPad allows you to browse all artists, albums and songs in your XBMC library directly on your iPad. You can start playing or shuffling all songs by a specific artist, playing or shuffling a single album or start playing an individual song with just a tap of your finger. Browse your video library like never before! Enjoy millions of videos, images, and songs anywhere and share them with your friends. Easily search and find interesting content from many sources and watch it on XBMC or on your Ipad.

The remote control area is packed with buttons for quickly accessing different media sources, enabling subtitles or cycling through audio streams and the directional controls and select buttons are just about big enough for use without having to constantly glance at the screen to make sure you’re not hitting the wrong thin.

Release Date: August 28, 2012 © Blaze Automation Services


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