Advantages Of Owning An iOS Device: SharePrice [part 1]

  • September 28, 2012



For those of you who are contemplating buying your first iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod or an Apple TV) or owns one, this article is for you. I’m a proud owner of all of the afore mentioned devices along with an iMac and MacBook. Consequently, I’m in a very good position to make comments based on my personal experience. Due to the high prices of these devices, some people find it difficult justifying their purchase. Consequently, I’m going write a series of articles title – Advantages Of Owning An iOS Device. I hope you find the articles helpful in making a more informed decision in the future on whether or not to buy an iPhone, iPad, iPod or Apple TV.

I also want to make it clear that the company of the products and services I will be discussing in this series does not sponsor me.

With that out of the way, lets get on with the main purpose of this article. The App I would like to focus on here is a UK Stock trading app called developed this App. At the moment the App will only benefit those trading on the LSE. There are other international features, which are mention below. The SharePrice App is also available on other mobile operating systems such as Android and Windows 7, however this article will only focus on the iOS operating system.  is a relatively small organisation compare to other online brokers such as Halifax and Barclays share dealing services. However, this is one if not the only trading service that provided live update on UK Stock prices for free. I’m not so sure about the others, but Halifax’s share-dealing service does not provide this sort of live service at the moment.

In my opinion, this live update of share prices is a huge reason for getting this App and hence would make your iOS device super productive. Being able to see changes in stock price in realtime can save you lots of  money compare to a 15 minutes delay service. Moreover, did I mention this is all free?  Of course I did, just checking. There is also a Pro version of the App that gives you more features.


So, here are some of the features you can expect from the SharePric App (Free and Pro versions):

Share Trading – £10.00 flat commission per trade

£9 when traded via our mobile apps.

The commission fee is £10 flat rate per trade, that is, you pay £10 whether you complete a £100 or a £1000 trade. This not the case with many online share dealing services. As an added bonus you also get £1 off  if you trade via the iOS App. The company promises that if you open an account today you can start trading anywhere. Yes, evening on your lunch break or a trip to men/ladies washroom. Just be careful not to let your phone while you are there.

Upgrade your iOS app to SharePrice Pro

This is what the site has to say about the SharePrice Pro version:

“If you’re serious about keeping your eye on the market then our SharePrice Pro service is for you. For just £19.99 plus VAT per month, the cost of a trade or two, you will benefit from:-

  • A dedicated stream – no more disconnects from the contended UK Level1 feed
  • UK Level 2 market depth on the web and mobile apps
  • RNS alerts to your Android/iPhone and email
  • No ads ever in our mobile apps
  • No annual contract – cancel at any time via your profile page
  • Priority support

Your subscription fee includes a £6 per month licensing fee to the London Stock Exchange. Requires installation of our mobile app ‘SharePrice’ for iPhone (v2.5.2 onwards) or Android (v2.3 onwards). Windows Mobile 7 and Blackberry apps follow soon. RNS alerts are currently managed via the website but will trigger to the phone and email in the same way price triggers do.”

Or you can just settle for the Free version, depends on how serious you are about trading.


Publish your trades to Facebook and Twitter

I’m not too sure about this one, however for those of you that want to boast about your wealth or be publicly embarrassed by your stupid trade there is something for you. According to the SharePrice website, “When you place a trade via SharePrice you can optionally choose to communicate this to your friends and associates on your Facebook Wall or via Twitter.”

Personally, this is not for me, but the feature is there. To do this you need to link your Facebook or/and Twitter profile to your trading account. Your trades can then be manually or automatically posted to your social network account. The company stated that information about the number of shares or the amount of money involved would not be reveal to the public.



Streamlined CFDs and Spread betting

This is also another service being offered by the company. I’m not entirely into these sorts of trades, this is what the site has to offer on this service:

  • Trade long or short over thousands of markets
  • Trade global shares, indices, currencies and commodities
  • Award winning platform for web and iOS devices
  • Also available for Android
  • Deal and manage orders through charts
  • Full suite of order types and risk management tools
  • 24-hour service and support
To conclude, this App is available on other mobile platforms and therefore you do not need to own an iOS device to take advantage of it. However, if you into trading, you can use an iOS device along with this app to gain an extra advantage. Please remember, trading involves risk, your initial deposit can go up as well as go down.
Source:  SharePrice
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