Eric Schmidt: At Google, Nothing Is Impossible And We Are Still Not Sure What The Future Holds For Google Glasses

  • February 17, 2013


TechWeb, a Chinese website, published a very interesting interview involving Google’s Chairman Eric Schmidt. It’s hard to decipher when or where this interview took place since the article was published in Chinese

Here are some of the interesting things Schmidt supposedly discussed (via Google translation):


Eric Schmidt on business in China: 

[quote] Whether it is 10 years ago that the small company, now, Google has always been a lofty goal, this goal allows us to recruit employees those who aspire to solve major problems. We focus on recruiting the best programmers, to build a successful business.

China has a lot of very intelligent programmers and scientists to build a successful business must be able to attract intelligent programmers willing to solve a big problem, I would like to encourage you all to set ambitious goals for itself, do not look at to the Chinese market, but also to focus on the global market; see more than Beijing, but rather focus on the whole of China. To guarantee from a global perspective, always remember that your product is to serve all, there must be a lofty ideological ambitions. Of course, the success of Google is ambitious, but also be able to obtain the trust of the staff.[/quote]


Eric Schmidt on Google Competitors: 

[quote] A review of the the Google road traveled in the past ten years, we have been ambitious, also always face the challenge. Fortunately, we have the technology over competitors. The core challenge we face is how the fastest high-speed development. In each market will have a vested interest in the company, there are some new challenges, and we always want to the company that challenge, we have to be very persistent, must achieve such a goal.

It comes to Google, the company, we are a technical company, over the past 10 years, 15 years, we have watched Microsoft dominate the whole technology world, now the rulers, however, is not Microsoft, but other companies, which we must remember. This (latecomer subversion) things also may occur in Apple, Facebook, Google, Amazon. In fact, these four companies are to play a global role in the company, they have a very aggressive policy, but we will see as these companies become larger and larger, it will become more and more difficult to keep such an energy, constantly challenge yourself, Google is try to do this.[/quote]


Eric Schmidt on Google’s origins:

[quote] As a big company, it is not easy to always maintain a Challenger mentality. The most important thing is to have the desire to succeed. Employees of large companies, very easy to sit in the comfort of your office to be satisfied with the good results, the ability of corporate leaders presented a very high demand. Like a small start-up companies desire to win at all times, always have the entrepreneurial spirit. When companies become very large, very successful, especially in facing this challenge. Google was created in the laboratory in order to solve the problem at Stanford, and then try to resolve the problem of the United States, we are now committed to solving the problems of the world as well as other issues, bigger does not make us complacent.[/quote]


Eric Schmidt on how small businesses can be successful:

[quote] So as a small business, in order to be able to quickly seize people’s eye, must be able to provide something exciting. The first must be your product better than your competitors. The second point, we do things that are word-of-mouth to explain in words, is passed on through friends, when we have a new idea, we will tell some trustworthy person, he may say that this is great, we found that the mutual promotion between friends. The third point is, if your product is a good solution to a practical problem, then do not be subtle, you should take the initiative to attract media coverage.[/quote]


Eric Schmidt on Google’s vision

[quote] At Google, nothing is impossible. We always dare to imagine creative solutions. For example, we can invent an entirely new manner of driving – computer drive, unattended, although this sounds scary. Such as Google, glasses, let us see others eyes of the world. Now, our efforts trying to depth understanding of people’s ideas, to better answer the user’s search, provide a better answer. We will analyze the history of user search keywords, and analysis of the user’s location and interest in more information. Let passively answer the user’s search needs to take the initiative to provide users with solutions.

..our vision is, regardless of the home, or office equipment, whether it is a computer, also TV, will eventually be used in the Android operating system. Smart home, we’ve released the first version, such as some music equipment, launched in 2013 there will be more such products, our investment in this area is very large. We have a lot of competitors, we believe that the reason for our success is better because of our technology. A lot of people looking smart home solutions, we believe that Google is able to provide a complete, fully integrated solution.[/quote]


Eric Schmidt on Google’s Glasses

[quote] Many people have wondered what exactly is Google glasses? The consumer version of Google glasses release date is not clear, but the developer version on our Developers Conference, we have released. Google glasses you wear on the eyes, to the point of view you can see some of the text, images, and it has a camera. But we do not know Google glasses can be used for what, in fact, this is only the platform for developers, it has a key, you can use this key to say yes or no, but you can not enter text in the above, unless the text with voice input, We are very excited that this is an open platform, it can grow anything, remains to be seen.[/quote]


Eric Schmidt on Google’s acquisition of Motorola Mobility:

[quote] We purchased Motorola for two reasons: The first reason, because Google has been wanted hardware do phone; second reason, Motorola’s patent assets. Strategies, we have not changed, about two quarters before we send a series of Google executives running Motorola is very pleased with our current progress in 2013, there will be a series of new products have been released in stages.[/quote]

I could be wrong here, but I’m sure patent asset was the first reason first purchasing Motorala…


Eric Schmidt on Google Search:

[quote] For the search, which is the core of all intelligent vision of Google. We hope that we can help people retrieve information, and then gives the best answer, but doing so more and more difficult, because of the outbreak of the data, the explosive growth of a variety of data, so we very hard to use artificial intelligence to evaluate the best answer, the next step deeper understanding of information, predicted that people will ask what kind of problem this is a very difficult technical problem to solve, need to call people’s privacy.[/quote]


Again, this post has been translated, which makes reading very difficult. However, the gist of what Eric Schmidt had to say came through very well.

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