ChangeWave Survey Finds Record Consumer Interest in Next Gen iPhone

According to a new survey from 451 Research, Apple next-generation “iPhone 6” is generating an unprecedented level of consumer interest. 

“This is the highest level of demand for an unannounced Apple model in a ChangeWave survey – stronger than we’ve seen in previous years for the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5 models prior to their announcements,” said Andy Golub of 451 Research. “Speculation over a larger screen iPhone is clearly striking a chord with consumers.”

This increase in interest is the iPhone 6 is largely attributed to the rumor that it will sport a larger screen size.

“The March survey of 4,109 primarily North American respondents also looked at next 90 day smart phone demand trends – where Samsung is showing a burst of momentum and interest in phablet devices is hitting a new all-time high,” the report said.

To measure the potential demand for a new “iPhone 6” model, we presented consumers with a brief description of probable features and asked how likely they would be to buy one when it becomes available.


The results show very strong advanced interest for a next generation iPhone – 14% of respondents say they’re Very Likely and 26% Somewhat Likely to buy the “iPhone 6” in the future.

Here is a comparison of the “iPhone 6” advance interest findings compared with previous survey results for the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5 taken several months prior to their official announcements:



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