Can I Take That Magic Telephone And Put it Under My Pillow Tonight?


Here is a very interesting tale of how a Nokia director learnt the hard truth about the iPhone in 2007 from his daughter.

[quote cite=”Lauri Malkavaara” url=””]He also told me that when the iPhones came out in the United States in the summer of 2007, the situation was followed closely at Nokia. A courier immediately brought a large number of iPhones to Nokia’s head offices in Espoo.

The director brought his own iPhone home that same evening. He studied it so enthusiastically that his four-year-old daughter also became interested.

As an experiment, he gave the telephone to his daughter, and she learned to use it immediately.

In the evening as the parents were going to bed, the drowsy four-year-old appeared at their bedroom door with a question: “Can I take that magic telephone and put it under my pillow tonight?”

That was the moment when the Nokia executive understood that his company was in trouble.[/quote]

Unfortunately for Nokia and Blackberry, being aware of the threats a competitor poses is one thing, effectively combating those threats is another. It’s also important to note that while Apple’s iPhone delivered the first blow, it’s the Android OEMs that delivered the knock out punch to these companies.


“It Works Like Magic”

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