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Nexus 7

Digitime is reporting that Nvidia has been given an order for at least 3 million Tegra 3 chips for Nexus 7.

The report states:

Nvidia has obtained orders for at least three million Tegra 3 chips for use in Nexus 7 tablet PCs and at least 3-4 million units of the tablet will be shipped through the end of 2012, according to supply chain makers.

Since each Tegra 3 is priced at about US$25, Nvidia will earn revenues close to US$75 million just through its Nexus 7 orders in the second half with profits from the orders to reach US$10 million. With the addition of other Tegra 3 orders, the income is expected to help cover its weakening performance in the graphics chip business.

Google’s low price strategy of US$199-249 for its Nexus 7 tablet PC has strongly attracted consumers, allowing Nvidia to be able to quickly recover in the ARM-based processor market.


Report 2

kart rider rushMobile gaming is on the increase in South Korea in a big way. A Koreatimes report suggests, Korean game developers are rushing to make games for mobile phones. It appears the use of smartphone is on the increase. The Korea Communications Commission is reporting, that there will be 30 million smartphone users by the end of August and this number will continue to increase.

According to the report:

Major game makers Nexon and NCsoft are adjusting their focus to reflect the changes in people’s lifestyles that now revolve around wireless devices.

NCsoft, known for popular online role-playing titles such as Lineage and Aion, started investing in mobile projects even before the dawn of smartphones in 2008. The prior services were mostly supplementary features to games, but the company is at present creating a new game specifically for wireless devices, said an NCsoft spokesman.

Online games that are massive in scale require huge amounts of memory and more advanced graphic processing technology. This was challenging to render in previous mobile devices.

Consequently the development of cloud computing, which stores data in a server rather than hardware and graphic processors made for computing like those of Nvidia’s Geforce GRID, now wireless as an accessible avenue for mobile games.

The report continues that, “Besides games firms, more and more businesses from telecommunications companies to Internet content providers, are offering channels or platforms making games available on mobile devices. Mobile carrier LG Uplus launched a platform called C-Games. Mobile messenger service provider Kakao Talk released its long awaited game platform in collaboration with WeMade Entertainment on Monday.”

Sources: Digitime, Koreatimes

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