Apple Unveils OS X Yosemite (Photos)

Apple has unveiled their latest Mac operating system OS X Yosemite.  The operational system covers the following features.

iCloud Drive
iCloud Drive can be used to synchronize all of your documents across all of your Macs, iOS devices and Windows devices, even. Tags will work, too, allowing you to easily find what you need no matter where you are.

The biggest update to Mail is that they’re solving file attachment size issues. Users can send a file as large as 5GB.

Mail messages will also now allow you to mark up changes to images to send back without even leaving Mail. Use your mouse or trackpad to highlight items in the photos, add text, and even draw arrows that are recognized as such and cleaned up automatically.

AirDrop now works between iOS and the Mac and is call Handoff. If you’re working on your Mac, for example, the iPad will recognize what you’re doing and allow you to switch, picking up right where you left off when the devices are in proximity. SMS? iMessage has always allowed you to continue conversations across devices, but only with those who have iPhones (blue bubble messages). You’ll now be able to do it with people on Android devices, too (green bubble messages). Even better, you can do this with phone calls. If you get a call on your phone and you’re not near it, you can take it on your Mac, using the Macintosh as a speaker phone.


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