Has Apple Accidentally Revealed The iPhone 6?

According to a new report from French website NowhereElse, the Cupertino-based company has accidentally revealed a video of their next generation iPhone. The video reportedly captured from the conference room of the Moscone Center in San Francisco during preparation of the main event on 2nd June shows  a blurry image of the an iPhone. Based of the images, Steve Hemmerstoffer of NowhereElse reckons we are probably looking at the iPhone 6. 

[su_quote cite=”Steve Hemmerstoffer” url=”http://www.nowhereelse.fr/iphone-6-video-wwdc-2014-98039/”]

In this video, we see anyway photographed images of a iPhone front, back and profile. Nothing too surprising you tell me since it will be in another issue installed on smartphones and tablets of the Cupertino company’s mobile operating system. Yes, except that the profile of the iPhone in question reveals quite different from current iPhone and iPhone 5s 5c curves

As you may realize by yourself, slices that are visibly iPhone beveled and not flat like iPhone 5s.Specificity that is reminiscent of the design of iPad and therefore suggests that the device in question is a new model. More intriguing still, these curves are more than ever cast doubt on many industrial models with round slices that have prematurely revealed the design of the iPhone 6 (read:iPhone 6: Dimensions confirmed by an industrial model? )[/su_quote]


Antennas iPhone-6


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