Apple Sued for Bt100 Million (US$3 Million) over English Premier League App

  • September 15, 2013

AppleAccording to a new report from The Nation, a Thailand based news outlet, a local company – Cable Thai Holding (CTH), has sued US-based Apple Inc and its local office for allegedly violating the Thai cable-TV operator’s rights, and is seeking Bt100 million (US$3 Million) in damages.

Cable Thai Holding (CTH) – the exclusive holder of English Premier League (EPL) football broadcasting rights in Thailand, has accused Apple of violating intellectual property rights for commercial purposes and counterfeiting or altering a registered trademark. This is in relations to Apple making an app called “Sport Channel” available on its App Store.

CTH said the app, which costs US$20 (Bt635) for iPhone and $20.99 for iPad, allow users to view live broadcasts of English Premier League while they gain nothing from the app downloads or any fees from Apple, according to the report.

“Suratchai Mansrithaworn, representing CTH, filed a petition with the Central Intellectual Property and International Trade Court against Apple Inc, Apple South Asia (Thailand) and Gene D Levoff, the authorized director of Apple South Asia (Thailand),” the report said.
It was reported that Apple was sent written warnings “through many means,”  asking them to stop offering the service, which it deems as violating its rights. However, CTHhas not received a reply.

The court yesterday scheduled the first hearing of the plaintiff for November 18 and a hearing of witnesses on December 23.

We were unable to locate this the “Sports Channel” app on the App Store.


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