Apple To Start Using iBeacon In Its 254 U.S. Stores Today

According to a new report from ABC news, Apple will commence using their latest iBeacon technology to guide uses around their 254 U.S stores from today. iBeacon will send shoppers messages about the products, events and other information depending on your position inside the store.

To take advantage of iBeacon feature, shopper will need to have Bluetooth enabled on their phone and download the Apple Store app. Users will then have to agree to let Apple track their location and to receive notifications while in the store, the report said.

Apple said iBeacon provides apps with “a whole new level of micro-location awareness, such as trail markers in a park, exhibits in a museum, or product displays in stores.”

“The app will automatically switch to “in-store mode” once you enter. Even without iBeacon, the app already lets you scan and pay for some items using your phone, get customer service help and reserve products,” the report explains. “The beacons can be adjusted to specific distances, so you may get some notifications regardless of where you are inside. Others will come only when you are standing at a particular aisle, wall or product demo table. The store can also send out notifications about deals or upcoming events.”


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