Apple Hires More Biosenor Specialists To Work On iWatch

According to a new report from 9to5 Mac, Apple has been recruiting specialists in the Biosensors field to create a super smart wearable device – iWatch.

Last year 9to5 mac reported that Apple hired several scientists, engineers, and managers in the field of biomedical technologies, glucose sensors and more to work on their rumored iWatch product. In the last few months, Apple has reportedly add two prominent individuals to this list. According to the report, the Cupertino-based company hired Nancy Dougherty from startup Sano Intelligence and Ravi Narasimhan from general medical devices firm Vital Connect.

Dougherty’s work at Sano Intelligence involved creating small, painless patch that can work on the arm and uses needle-less technologies to read and analyze a user’s blood.

According to the report:

The needle-less, sensor-laden transdermal patch is painless (I handled a prototype, which felt like sandpaper on the skin) and will soon be able to monitor everything you might find on a basic metabolic panel–a blood panel that measures glucose levels, kidney function, and electrolyte balance. Already, Sano’s prototype can measure glucose and potassium levels. There are enough probes on the wireless, battery-powered chip to continuously test up to a hundred different samples, and 30% to 40% of today’s blood diagnostics are compatible with the device.

In his role at Vital Connect, Narasimhanas was a research and development-focused vice president managing teams responsible for biosensors.

Vital Connect sensors can be worn on the skin and is able to monitor several different pieces of data, which include steps, skin temperature, respiratory rate, and can even detect falls. 



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