Android Is Decimating iOS, Not So Fast

  • November 30, 2013

Jay Yarrow debunks the theory that Android is taking over the world by highlighting recent studies from IBM and Adobe, which revealed that Apple’s iOS destroyed Google‘s Android in mobile shopping on Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

The key points points from both studies are as follows:


  • IBM says it tracked “millions of transactions and terabytes of data from approximately 800 U.S. retail websites” on Thanksgiving and Black Friday.
  • On average, iOS users spent $127.92 per order on Black Friday compared to $105.20 per order for Android users.
  • iOS traffic reached 28.2 percent of all online traffic, compared to 11.4 percent for Android.
  • iOS sales reached 18.1 percent of all online sales, compared to 3.5 percent for Android.


  • Adobe also has an analytics tool. It tracked “400 million visits to more than 2000 U.S. retailers’ websites on Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday.”
  • iOS-based devices drove more than $543 million dollars in online sales, with iPad taking a 77 percent share.
  • Android-based devices were responsible for $148 million in online sales, a 4.9 percent share of mobile driven online sales.
  • iPads drove the vast majority of online sales with $417 million while iPhones were responsible for $126 million. In comparison, Android-based phones generated $106 million, Android-based tablets $42 million in online sales on Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

The point Yarrow is trying to make here is that iOS owners actually USE their devices compared to Android owners. And this real world usage is something Tim Cook is very proud of.

“Does a unit of market share matter if it’s not being used?” said Cook in a recent interview with Bloomberg Businessweek . “For us, it matters that people use our products. We really want to enrich people’s lives, and you can’t enrich somebody’s life if the product is in the drawer.”

It surely doesn’t help Google and Amazon causes if consumers put their Android devices at the bottom of the drawer after Christmas.

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