According to a New Report, Apple to Release iPhone with Out Notch in 2021

According to the latest report, Apple is planning to release an iPhone with all screen in 2021.

The notch which first appeared on the iPhone X in 2017 was widely panned by Apple faithfuls. John Gruber wrote back that then that Apple was being misleading by declaring the iPhone X “all-screen” when there was an obvious notch.


I don’t have a problem with the side and bottom edges of the iPhone X being described as “all screen”. It’s not the same as Samsung’s Galaxy Edge sides, but I dislike the way those Edge phones look when I hold them. If there were no notch — that is to say, if the top of the iPhone X looked exactly like the bottom — I would have no problem declaring that “all screen” would be a fair description.

But with the notch? No way. Here’s one simple way to think about it: what does Apple do 2-3 years from now if they ship an iPhone with no notch? Describe it as “Really all screen this time”?

This new report from liable Apple analyst Ming Chi-Kuo if true, would finally make future iPhones “all-screen”.

According to the report, Apple would incorporate a Touch ID sensor on the screen, while they could decrease or eliminate the notch for Face ID. Chi-Kuo believes Apple would release launch an iPhone with Face ID and Touch ID fingerprint biometrics. However, Apple would have to overcomes many technical challenges for this to be done successfully.

Can the Cupertino-based technology giant do it? Here is hoping they succeed.

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