6 Cool and Incredibly Useful Medical Gadgets and Apps

6 Cool and Incredibly Useful Medical Gadgets and Apps

Medicine is one of the most vital fields in life where technology plays a key role. It is probably the first place you will see newest medical gadgets and apps based on advanced technology in the world at any time. Generally, technology should help human beings live a better life and derive the benefits of the best available medical care. For instance, there are several medical gadgets and apps that help speed up accurate and precise medical analysis in medical labs. Also, such gadgets and apps shorten the duration required for certain medical procedures while reducing the risks involved.

Medical gadgets and apps are indeed the best lifesavers. However, if you have no idea of some of them, here is a list of 6 cool and incredibly useful medical gadgets and apps.


1. Tablet Computers (iPads)
The emergence of touchscreen tablet computers has revolutionized the medical industry because they are the most incredible gadgets with useful applications to help physicians save lives easily. For example, the apple’s iPad has taken medical care by storm according to a recent study which reported that approximately 27% of physicians in the United States use iPads and tablet computers. Typically, tablet computers and iPads are more like oversized smartphones that have touch screens.


2. Automated Medication Adherence
It is very common for patients suffering from chronic disorders to skip a dose. However, with this medical gadget, a physician can easily monitor medication adherence by such patients. It is attached to the medication bottle-cap and sends automated text messages to the doctor’s smartphone whenever a patient takes the medication.


3. Handheld ultrasound Stethoscope
Stethoscopes have been used since time immemorial as a doctor’s symbol but of late such gadgets are being given a perfect send off with the emergence of handheld ultrasound stethoscopes. This means that in the near future doctors will not be walking around with stethoscope on their necks. Although the adoption of this incredible gadget is taking place at a snail-speed, it is a whole better technology. However, it is very expensive but the prices are expected to come down tremendously in the future from its current approximate of $8000.


4. Video consults

This is a smartphone app that allows doctors, especially in rural areas to offer consultation via a real-time video. However, this technology has proliferated into several medical institutions particularly with the up-rise of companies that offer medical consultation through such an awesome medical app. Faster connections like 3G and 4G have taken video consultations to the next level, hence enabling the wider use of mobile video in healthcare.


5. Electronic medical recorder

After several past attempts to develop a speech recognition program, the technology has finally made a breakthrough after the development of an electronic medical recorder. This is a medical mobile app that runs on a speech recognition program that enables physicians to document their cases and changing medical transcriptionists into high-skilled editors. Also, the beauty with this program can be associated with the fact that you do not need a keyboard.

Smart Bandage

6. Smart Bandage

This is an incredible technological transformation in medicine that is intended to replace Topol, an obsolete bandaging technology. It is the most suitable gadget for patients with serious chronic ailments like congestive heart failure. A smart bandage has an adhesive patch that has the ability to measure important signs because it is fitted with hypersensitive sensors and wireless transmitters that send readings to a patient’s smartphone with a Smart bandage app.


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