4 Kickstarter Projects That Will Change The Way We Look At T-shirts

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T-shirts are so cool. Be it any material, size, fabric, style, or color, there is a t-shirt for every single person out there. Apart from that, there so many things you could do with a t-shirt – get it custom printed, get it dyed, get it scribbled from friends or loved ones, or even paint on it. However, these were the only things you could do with a t-shirt – until now. The four projects that you’re about to read below will bowl your over. These are four fascinating new age projects that will indeed change the way we look at fashion and particularly t-shirts.

RaveNectar – vibrant clothing


If you’re someone who likes dressing up in ridiculously loud, beautiful, and breathtakingly vibrant colors, this is one project that is definitely going to win your heart. This project was started by Jordan Lejuwaan, from Fullerton, California, who conceived this idea during a music festival, for which he sewed up some shirts to wear, using crazy fabrics from a local textile store. The response he got at the festival was astonishing – people wouldn’t stop coming by and asking to buy the shirt off him! So he decided to make more such shirts. For this project, “Sublimation” will be used – a type of printing that allows printing all over the shirt in stupidly vibrant colors. Moreover, all designs for printing will be coming from independent artists, who get to keep 20% of the total price of the shirt.

Color-changing workout shirt


Did you ever imagine that there would be a t-shirt that could change color according to your body heat? No? This project will leave you flabbergasted! A project originally started by Radiate Athletics,West Chester, PA, Radiate shirts not only change color according to body temperature, but also reveal your muscular and vascular action while you work out, keep your body cool by moving body warmth away from your body, and wick moisture from your body more than any other apparel. Moreover these amazing shirts are soil resistant, anti-microbial and totally eco-friendly. At the moment, the Radiate shirts costs $91 to make, but with your pledge you could get the shirt for only $35 each.

Heat Reaction T-shirt

Slightly similar to the concept of Radiate shirts, this is yet another project that uses cutting edge t-shirt technology at its best. Started by Liquid Screen Design, Heat Reaction t-shirts are ordinary t-shirts that are treated chemically to make them react to temperature, and so, these epic t-shirts will change color with heat and cooling. Though the company has figured out the process with a small variety of colors, the main aim of the project is to get adequate funding for research to come up with an array of more color combinations possible such as Black to White, Cherry Red to White, Maroon to Gold, and so on.

Project X Squared

Ever imagined what a bizarre mix of art, science, and technology would lead to? No? The answer is Project X Squared! Essentially, Project X Squared is a fashion line that caters to the nerd in all of us. The idea of coming up with such a unique clothing line was the brainchild of a neuroscientist, a physicist and a full-time fashion designer, to link art, science and technology together. A stylish and elegant lab coat, a waterproof silk coated jumper, and a simple badass hoodie are the first three pieces of the collection that need to go into production and get delivered. The main aim of this project is to get funding for these pieces to get produced and delivered, for a start. Do you feel like an impressed nerd now? If yes, go show your backing for the project!

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