Your Next iPhone May Come With Solar Power Feature

In  research piece for Seeking Alpha,  Matt Margolis made an excellent case as to why the next innovation from Apple will be solar powered iOS devices.

When it comes to innovation, Apple has alway been proud to say that they focus on technology that will enhance the user experience instead of gimmicks like some competitors. And one area that really needs some kind sort innovation in the smartphone business is battery life.

Here’s MG Sielger take on battery on his current iPhone:


Basically, every day is the same. I wake up, I get ready for the day, I grab my phone, I grab my Mophie, and I’m off. About halfway through the day, my phone dies and my Mophie saves me. I get home and I charge both devices to get ready for the next day.

First of all, it’s ridiculous that Apple isn’t in this business themselves. I know that they want to portray the notion that the iPhone battery is “good enough”, but it’s not. I’m not saying it’s bad. It’s just not adequate for a full day of usage for many people. And I’m not sure what’s so wrong with admitting that and offering solutions to “power users”.


If Matt Margolis’S research proves to be true, then MG Siegler might just get his wish.

Matt Margolis started by highlighting there is more to Apple’s deal with GT Advance Technologies (GTAT) than Sapphire glass.

Mat Margolis:


The reason why sapphire screens are so important to Apple and their innovation is because they need sapphire to protect all of their “cool stuff” under the hood of their devices. They ditched glass in lieu of sapphire camera lenses because they didn’t want your pictures to show up with scratches. They acquired Authentec for $356m in 2012, but needed to replace the home button with a sapphire home button, in order to take advantage of the technology. A sapphire screen will also allow Apple to take full advantage of their Authentec acquisition and allow them to add Touch ID technology underneath their entire screen instead of just the home button. To put it simply, Sapphire’s hardness is second only to diamond and will protect the screen from being scratched.

The Solar Powered iPhone 6 and Next Generation iPod Touch iPads.


Here’s what Matt Margolia came up with from his research:

  • Apple posted and filled a Thin Films Engineer position with solar experience.
  • Apple signed a $578m contract with GT Advanced Technologies to provide sapphire materials (sapphire cover screens).
  • Apple announced they would be spending $10.5B in capital during fiscal year 2014 including cutting edge lasers.
  • Apple recently posted a Manufacturing Design Engineer position that includes “scribing” and “PVD coating” which relate to thin films (solar cells) and lasers.
  • Over 100 iPhones have been assembled with sapphire covered displays.

Margolia wrapped up his excellent piece by stating:


Did Apple place an initial order last week for $68m worth of solar cell coating equipment, so they could use lasers to scribe solar cells onto sapphire screens, for the iPhones and iPods that will be released in 2014?

If you think Apple is done innovating, even after they add the solar powered iPhone and iPod, under a sapphire hood in 2014, think again!



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