Walt Mossberg: Apple’s Latest Product Is Privacy

Writing for Recode, Walt Mossberg posits that based on Tim Cook’s recent comments and what he saw from at WWDC, Privacy has become a key product, and a key marketing point, for Apple, as much as the Apple Watch or the skinny new MacBook.

According to Walt Mossberg:

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t think Apple is being phony here. Based on multiple conversations with its top officials, I think the company really does believe in bolstering privacy, and has considered this important since at least the debut of the iPhone in 2007. Apple’s co-founder, the late Steve Jobs, spoke about it repeatedly as a core value.
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While I’m not an engineer, I also believe Apple’s own hardware and software is carefully designed to keep sensitive data on the device, rather than in the cloud, wherever possible. Everything from your fingerprint for Touch ID to your credit card for Apple Pay is stored on encrypted chips inside the phone, not in the cloud.
[su_spacer size=“10”]That’s contrary to the race to the cloud embraced by much of the tech industry. For instance, Google computers scan your Gmail to better target ads at you. And the search giant urges people to sign in to all its cloud-based services — even on Apple devices — so each can learn more about you, both to improve the information they serve up and to better target ads. Many see this as a virtue.

Couldn’t have agreed more. Can’t wait for Apple Pay to land in the UK. I’m also hoping Apple follows Google lead and create a product with similar functionalities as Google Photo.


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