The Moto X Smartphone Is Coming By October

Moto3In October of 2013, an all-American smartphone will enter the marketplace to challenge Apple and Samsung’s dominance. The Moto X Smartphone, developed and manufactured by (Motorola Mobility is owned by Google) aims to become the company’s new flagship device. Google and Motorola have formally announced that all assembling would be done in Fort Worth, Texas, making Moto X the first smartphone to be completely assembled in the U.S.

The Moto X sets itself apart from its competitors by using self-aware technologies. Motorola claims that the Moto X Smartphone will be able to determine what users want to do next. The mobile device will also be able to detect its surrounding environments and adjust itself according. Motorola’s chief executive Dennis Woodside hopes to bring back innovation to the company, which has been recently criticized for its lack of new ideas and invention.



Motorola realizes that they have fallen behind in the smartphone race, having reported losses of up to $271 million in the first quarter of 2013. However, they are determined to become a major contender again and they believe that the Moto X will change their fortunes and the smartphone market.

The company claims there will be benefits to assembling the new smartphone close by to their designers and engineers. They will be able to quickly make design alterations, respond to supply and demand and deliver their products to the public much more quickly. There will also be 2,000 new jobs added by August to begin full-scale production.


At the D: All Things Digital conference, Dennis Woodside spoke about the new Moto X, however did not reveal the actual device despite saying it was in his pocket. There are no official device technical specifications released yet, so we don’t know what the smartphone is capable of or how powerful it is.

Images of the new Moto X have surfaced on the internet, but the look of the device may change as they were not official Motorola press releases. The device certainly has a nice look and feel to it, especially with the matte finish on the back. The Moto X features a predominantly rounded design, but this is subject to change.

It is no secret that Apple and Samsung are the largest names when it comes to smartphones, but with the combined efforts of Google, Android and Motorola, the Moto X could prove to be the next big name in the marketplace. For more information, head to and

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