The Apple Watch Is Misunderstood

I recently bought an Apple Watch and returned it unopened. I’m assuming a lot of folks are like me – holding out for the second generation Apple Watch. I still believe that Apple Watch 1 is a great product, however, I was slightly disappointed that many of the rumored biometric sensors that could record hydration, blood pressure, glucose and sleep pattern data did not feature in version 1.0.

Writing for Mac360, Wil Gomez made some salient points about some folk’s expectation of the Apple Watch and what it really is:

To Watch critics who said it’s too expensive, I say rubbish. It’s priced the way Apple prices everything. Within reach. To those who say the parts cost less than $85 to make, I say rubbish. Only Apple knows the parts cost, but price and cost are not the same thing. There are design, manufacturing, marketing, and support costs which must be accounted for in the price.

Watch is misunderstood. Critics lambast Watch as an overpriced bauble that won’t sell as well as iPhone or iPad, and does not have a clear value proposition. Use Watch for a week and you’ll see the value proposition is time and convenience. But Watch is an accessory so don’t expect a Watch connected to every one of the 150-million iPhones sold each year. It won’t happen. Apple will be happy with 5-percent penetration per year.

Can’t disagree with that.

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