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Posted On October 30, 2013By Storm WilliamsIn Apple News, Featured

iPad Air Reviews Roundup

Apple’s iPad Air reviews has hit the web. And from all accounts, Apple has another hit product on their hands. Here’s a roundup of some of the best reviews: Jim Dalrymple for the Loop: “From the minute I picked up the iPad Air at Apple’s event in San Francisco last week, I knew it was going to be different. Apple set expectations very high by simply using the “Air” moniker for the new iPad, giving users thoughts of a lightweight, powerful, professional device, similar to how they think of the MacBook Air. TheRead More
iOS 7 Concept

Posted On April 7, 2013By Jazzy WillIn Apple News, Tech Videos

Interesting iOS 7 Concept by F.Bianco

With WWDC not far away, F. Bianco has produced some very fascinating illustrations of what Apple should be implemented in the new iOS operating system. Recently, John Gruber commented that iOS 7 is undergoing radical changes to the User Interface. If it looks anything close to what F. Bianco had put together here, a lots of Apple fans will be very happy.  Read More
John Gruber, MG Sielger and Others discussed iOS 7, New iPhone and More on Branch This Branch, started by MG Sielger, is a must read for all Apple fans. It involve  a list of reputable list of tech writers such as John Gruber, Tim Stevens, Federico Viticci, Clayton Morris,  Rene Ritchie,  Matthew Panzarino  and Mark Gurman discussed the latest Apple rumors they have heard on the grapevine. Here are some of the highlights of the conversation: Rene Ritchie: I’ve heard from several sources that there was/is an event planned for April, new 9.7Read More
Steve Jobs And John Gruber On Simplicity of the iOS Home Screen I stumbled across this post by respected blogger and Apple aficionado John Gruber recently. Gruber post was in response to a CNN piece by Steve Kovach in which it was alleged, that the home screens on iOS devices “is still just a grid of static icons that launch apps.” I haven’t read the post by Kovach and don’t intend to. However, I found what Gruber had to say very interesting. Gruber: [quote] Kovach’s whole piece is inane, butRead More
  From reading my blog it’s clear that I’m a pro-Apple guy. I like the company and own lots of Apple products. This is not because I’m a sheep and feels smug. I just love the effort and care Apple puts into designing the best products for consumers. And from my experiences,  these products work well and fits in my daily work flow. Of course, I do pay an extra premium for these devices. But guess what, it’s my choice and I don’t think I should be insulted for buying an AppleRead More