Samsung Picks Apple Passbook and Introduce Samsung “Wallet”

  • February 27, 2013

Samsung Picks Apple Passbook and Introduce Samsung “Wallet” – the real perpetrators in all of this are the Android fans buying copycat-plastic products from Samsung.

passbook-vs-samsung wallet

Samsung Picks Apple Passbook and Introduce Samsung “Wallet”

I’m sure Apple’s hierarchy and lawyers are pulling their hair out in frustration regarding the news that Samsung is introducing a new “Wallet”, which is identical to their Passbook.

A few weeks back Philip Elmer-DeWitt posited that Justice delayed is justice denied. It now appears that the denial of Justice has given the perpetrator the confidence to continue copying.

However, the real perpetrators in all of this are the Android fans. They continue to buy copycat plastic products from Samsung and  Award  the company for its endeavors. Samsung looks set to copy more features from Apple’s iPhone in the foreseeable future whilst Judge Koh continues to deliberate.

According to 9to5 Google:

[quote] Samsung is today officially unveiling its “Samsung Wallet” mobile app solution, and it is quickly gaining attention for similarities to Apple’s iOS 6 ticket, card, and coupon solution known as Passbook. For those familiar with Apple’s app, Samsung Wallet appears to work much the same way. The app will allow users to store event tickets, membership cards, coupons, and boarding passes in one central app. From there, users will be able to present the digital passes and companies supporting the standard can scan a barcode included for each digital ticket.[/quote]

First, the Apple Passbook..

Then the Samsung Wallet…

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