Samsung Electronics Vietnam (SEV) Responsible For 10% of Vietnam Sales Export

  • December 26, 2012
samsung-galaxy-s-iii-web-540x334How important is Samsung to the Vietnamese economy? Very important according to a recent report.

News1a news agency based in Seoul that covers comprehensive news on a national level has reported that Samsung Samsung Electronics Vietnam (SEV) is responsible for 10% of exporting sales of Vietnam. According to earlier estimates, Samsung Electronics Vietnam was expected to exports $ 11.8 billion (about 12.67 trillion won), however, the actual figure surpassed expectation in recording 10% of Vietnamese exports of $ 114.631 billion.

Samsung Electronics the SEV corporation was apparently established in 2008 to mainly produce mobile phones on a 15-acre site of northeast of the city of Hanoi Bak Nin Yen Dong known as the ‘Mecca’. According to the report, Samsung Electronics Vietnam currently employs approximately 24,000 people and produces 40% of Samsung’s handset production annually.

Source:  News1 

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