Report: GTAT May Supply Only 9.0-16.6% of iPhone Sapphire Screen In 2014

Digitimes research is reporting that GT Advanced Technologies (GTAT) will only be able to produce  9.0-16.6% of the sapphire-crystal screen for their next-generation iPhone. GT Advanced Technologies has recently signed an exclusive deal to supply sapphire-crystal to Apple.

According to the report:

“Assuming that the new-generation iPhone will have a 5-inch screen, then the forecast sapphire revenues are translated into output of 6.27-11.6 million 5-inch sapphire-made screen covers. As Digitimes Research estimates that Apple will ship 70 million units of the new-generation iPhone in 2014, the output of sapphire screen covers from GTAT will account for 9.0-16.6% of the iPhone shipments.”

In January, Matt Margolis suggests that Apple deal with GT Advanced Technologies could lead to the company releasing iOS devices with solar power capabilities:

  • Apple filed solar patents that will allow them to power their electronic devices directly through solar cells.
  • Apple posted and filled a Thin Films Engineer position with solar experience.
  • Apple signed a $578m contract with GT Advanced Technologies to provide sapphire materials (sapphire cover screens)
  • Apple announced they would be spending $10.5B in capital during fiscal year 2014 including cutting edge lasers.
  • Apple recently posted a Manufacturing Design Engineer position that includes “scribing” and “PVD coating” which relate to thin films (solar cells) and lasers.

Matt Margolis concludes that the points listed above could mean only one thing – Apple is about to do something special. Again.

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