Report: Excitement Fading on Windows Phone 8


With all its hopes pin on Windows Phone 8, it appears Microsoft is in for a rough ride.

According to a new report from Digitimes, interest in Mircosoft’s latest operating system is fading given low demands. This information came courtesy of Taiwan-based supply chain makers.

“International smartphone vendors other than Nokia have become less interested in adopting Microsoft Windows Phone 8 (WP8) platform mainly because WP8 has had a global smartphone market share of 3%, far short of the originally expected 10%, and Nokia has dominated the global market segment of WP8 smartphones by occupying over 70% of sales,” Daniel Shen and Adam Hwang report for Digitimes.

“Taiwan-based IT vendors Acer and Asustek Computer and China-based vendor ZTE originally planned to launch WP8 smartphones in 2013 but have deferred the launch,” Daniel Shen and Adam Hwang report. “Microsoft’s unwillingness to lower WP8 licensing charge rates is a reason for these vendors to be conservative about adopting WP8, the sources indicated. Another reason is that if these vendors are unable to develop WP8 smartphones with functional differentiation, it is difficult for them to compete with Nokia, the sources pointed out.”

However, there appears to be some light at the end of the tunnel for Windows Phone OS.

According to a recent report , research firm Canalys expects Microsoft  to increase its market share in the next four years. The firm predicts that Windows Phone OS could gain 12.7% of worldwide smartphone shipments by 2017.

“In four years’ time, Canalys projects in its report, Android will remain the dominant smartphone player, with a 67.1% share of the market, compared to 67.7% in 2012. Shipments of Android smartphones will climb to over 1 billion units annually from 470 million in 2012. Apple will drop from 2012’s 19.5% share to 14.1% but it will still stay in second place,” Sterling Wong reports for USAToday.


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