How To Remove Unwanted Adware That Displays Pop-Up Ads From Safari

How To Remove Unwanted Adware That Displays Pop-Up Ads from Safari

Most of us have been there before. Pop-up Ads can ruin your online experience and in some cases these software can be malicious. Here’s a quick visual guide of how to get rid of them from Safari. Please check out this Apple support page if the method below does not work:

The Tech Storm Remove unwanted adware that displays pop-up ads


According to Apple, these are examples of ad-injection extensions, but there are others:

  • Amazon Shopping Assistant by Spigot Inc.
  • Ebay Shopping Assistant by Spigot Inc.
  • Searchme by Spigot, Inc.
  • Slick Savings by Spigot Inc.
  • GoPhoto.It
  • Omnibar
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